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Creating effective legal solutions for entrepreneurs, families and organisations.

This is a lawfully recognized procedure of resolving disputes that doesn’t involve litigation. Procedures such as Arbitration, Mediation and Conciliation falls within this category.

Litigation, is an commonly known aspect of dispute resolution that entails representation in a court of law or tribunal. We represent our clients in court or tribunal proceedings in any State of the Federation. With our team of litigation experts, we help our clients go through this process with the required ease.

Consumer Protection Law is simply a group of laws that ensures the rights of consumers are upheld and maintained. It also ensures that consumer issues such as competition, fair trade and accurate information are upheld in the market place. As part of our responsibility and service to clients, we ensure that our client’s interests as…

This area of law deals with the formation of companies, shareholders rights, mergers and acquisition, as well as sales and distribution of goods and services. With our team of legal experts, we advise clients on issues related to company formation and corporate governance as well as issues related to sales and distribution of goods and…

This is an area of law that deals with employer – employee relationship. It also covers areas dealing with trade unions and employment unions, enforced by government agencies. At Lex – Praxis, we help employer’s of labour stay informed and compliant while protecting employees from right violations.

Intellectual property practice area legal advice is the application of abstract principles of law to the concrete facts of the client’s case.

This area of law ensures that legal rights of creative works and inventions are secured. At Lex – Praxis, we ensure that our clients take advantage of the law in securing their hardwork and reaping from the benefits.

We act as legal advisors on behalf of our clients in securing commercial transactions. We also assist our clients in preparing legal agreements to such effect.

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